Today is the release of “When This Blows Over”, a song of storms from the new album. This is a message of hope, but not one that disregards reality. Rolling Stone featured the tune as a Song You Need To Know, calling it “gorgeous and Elliott Smith if he fronted an alt-country band from Oklahoma”. (

The official music video for “When This Blows Over” came forth alongside the song and was produced by Samantha Crain, filmed by Rahul Chakraborty, and features the dancing and choreography of Lauren Elizabeth Panicelli. My wish is that you experience the joy we had making such a special work together.


You can stream it now on all platforms and pre-order Familiar Ground from or via the music link. Record finds it’s way to Earth on November 20th.

When this blows over, I’m coming back to see you again, I guarantee it.

Hey everyone,

After tours and shows this year were put to a full stop, I retreated into my home studio and created a new album with Moreland remotely. This album is called Familiar Ground and I am happy to share with you today the first single, "Shine Like a Friend", set free into the cosmos on 11/20 this year via Black Mesa Records. It is currently available on all streaming platforms, including Bandcamp ( You can pre-order the vinyl album from or through your local record stores, if you ask, I bet they can order. Amidst this wild and chaotic world, I wish you all comfort and peace with those you love and live with. More news coming soon.

-love, John

Greetings from a cold corridor in Ames, Iowa.

I wanted to drop by with some good news. First of all, the first vinyl pressing of Safe Passage (500) is nearly sold out in the first four months of it’s release. Thank you to everyone who purchased the physical medium and spun it at home, work, and spaces of joy, both shared and personal. In the light of this, Black Mesa Records has decided to re-press my long since out-of-print 2016 album “Far Cries and Close Calls” (originally on Horton Records), along with 2018’s “Coyote”, which also sold out last year.

Both albums will come pressed onto black vinyl, with a limited color edition for each work to signify their second life. Starting immediately, you can pre-order these new pressings on my own Bandcamp, along with our respective websites. Thank you again for listening and may warmth surround you and yours in these winter months.