Dec 14, 2017

A year of touring, exploring, and writing culminating in a record, a 7" split, and boundless love.

A year of touring, exploring, and writing culminating in a record, a 7" split, and boundless love.

(photos by Chad Cochran)

This year has been one of the strangest, most grueling, and trying years of this planet. After performing over 125+ shows accompanying John Moreland, 70+ of personal tour dates, and traveling close to 70,000 miles over the past 365 days, I had a lot of stories, a lot of fears, a lot of love, and a lot of questions about why the world was being spread thin, why the folks running the show were letting greed and bigotry into the ranks of government, and if home would still be there when I got home.

The music was always there, and the teams I've worked with have been steadfast and true and unerring in their paths, and for that, I am lucky and thankful. From performing alongside John Prine and playing guitar on the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium to the full US tour supporting Iron and Wine and backing John Moreland behind the piano on the Jools Holland show on the BBC, working with Moreland's team has been a dream among dreams. In the new year, the duo is becoming a full band beginning in February!

Amongst all of the good times and hard work, I found some answers and wrote and created a record containing songs that I hold very dear to my heart. Recording in full at Fellowship Hall once again in Little Rock, I had the opportunity to work with Paddy Ryan on drums, Shonna Tucker on bass and vocals, and Megan Palmer on violin, keys, and vocals. This full length record is mixed, mastered, and slated for a late spring release, more information coming shortly. We created some magic and can't wait to share with you finally in 2018.


Tim Easton and I recorded a 7" split of traveling songs that is coming out at the end of February. My track, "Full of Farewells", is on side B, and I recorded it to tape at my house in Oklahoma. Tim also recorded his song analog and at home in Nashville, TN. We hope you'll enjoy our tunes and check out the grand folks who run Different Folk records out of Sioux Falls, SD, who continue to put out excellent artists and songs.


take care and happy new year.

-john and family.

Sep 16, 2017

Solo Colorado Run, More Dates Accompanying John Moreland, and More News on the 7" Split Single

Solo Colorado Run, More Dates Accompanying John Moreland, and More News on the 7" Split Single

(photo by rambo)

Greetings, folks.

John Calvin Abney will be heading up to Colorado for a set of dates this September, including a show in Denver with the kind country singer Erika Ryann, who John co-wrote a song with in July across the plains and mountains. Check out the updates in the TOUR section above or by clicking here.

Continuing to support the inimitable John Moreland on guitar and piano, John Calvin will be accompanying Moreland on a set of dates supporting John Prine and Iron & Wine over the next two months. Go to John Moreland's tour section of his site to see if we are coming to your town at

Different Folk Records will be releasing a 7" single split of Tim Easton and John Calvin Abney in the new year, but this is all that will be said for now. Songs are recorded and being mastered as I type these words for you. As I always say and continue to echo, keep those ears to the ground and those eyes to the sky.

With a entire set of songs written, a new LP is on the horizon, too. More about this later.

With another beaming and weighty summer behind us, we charge into autumn with our hearts in our words and our voices in our throats. From the wild fires on the west coast, the hurricanes in the south, and hateful, inept leaders making moves like a child playing chess, there has been more dark than we can count. But, do not fear, we've got better days ahead, I know it. I hope it, and hope counts for more that we can possibly imagine these days. Go listen to some music, help a friend, love your fellow human, and be there for each other.

we love you.

john calvin abney and family.

Jun 19, 2017

Continuing Summer Tours Accompanying John Moreland and One-Off Solo Shows

Continuing Summer Tours Accompanying John Moreland and One-Off Solo Shows

(photo by Brittany Phillips)

John Calvin Abney will be accompanying John Moreland on multiple instruments through out the summer and autumn, including dates with Iron and Wine. Keep updated at and come see a show in a town near you!


John will be playing at Summer Breeze Concert Series in Norman, OK with a full band on June 25, no tickets needed. Free performance at Lion's Park. The band will include many friends and family from many years of members Oklahomans will recognize. Thanks to the Norman Transcipt for covering the concert.


Tim Easton, Nashvillian-Ohioan troubadour, and John will be recording a 7'' split on Different Folks records this summer to be released in late fall, keep an ear to the ground and your eyes wide open.



la familia

May 3, 2017

John Calvin Abney and Daniel Markham are trekking through the lovely south in spring.

John Calvin Abney and Daniel Markham are trekking through the lovely south in spring.

(poster by Claire Morales)

After a month of accompanying John Moreland on festival dates throughout the west and east coasts of these United States, John Calvin Abney will be joining Daniel Markham on a tour through the south. Come check them out:


5/4 The Deli, Norman, OK (John solo)
5/5 Magnolia Motor Lounge, Fort Worth, TX
5/6 Blackheart Bar, Austin, TX (w/ Graham Webster, Mrs. Glass)
5/7 Andy's, Denton, TX
5/8 Red Brick Bar, Norman, OK
5/9 Whitewater Tavern, Little Rock, AR (w/ Lilly Hiatt)
5/10 Downtown Tavern, Jackson, TN
5/11 Crying Wolf, Nashville, TN
5/12 TBA, Nashville, TN
5/13 JJ's, Chattanooga, TN
5/14 116 E Mobile, Florence, AL (w/ Jay Burgess)
5/15 Druid City Brewing, Tuscaloosa, AL
5/16 Thirsty Hippo, Hattiesburg, MS
5/18 Dyson House, Baton Rouge, LA (John, opening for BJ Barham)


John is in the works of creating an acoustic EP with some of the songs from Better Luck, far older tracks, and a new song, before he dives into work on his next full length record. Thank you guys for coming to shows and supporting the folks who are out there digging through the dirt for something better. Cheers.

love from JCA and fam.

Mar 6, 2017

More news from the far-out, mile-off blue and black.

More news from the far-out, mile-off blue and black.

(photo by Chad Cochran)

Greetings from the plains of Oklahoma once again,

The tour accompanying John Moreland went off without a hitch, the shows well attended, and the performances sharp and swift. Now back in Oklahoma, John Calvin is now getting his work and songs together to play a handful of regional shows before going back out with Moreland again.

Spring is coming forth earlier than usual, and with it's return, brings a special set of one-off shows:

March 26, JCA will be attending an evening of southern song and joy in Silverhill, AL, at the Frog Pond by Blue Moon Farms. Together with Lilly Hiatt, Grayson Capps, and Sugarcane Jane, the night will be nothing short of wonderful. More information and tickets at:

On March 28th, Downtown OKC, Territory magazine, Film Row, The Spy FM, and the folks at the KOSU studios will be holding the City Sessions OKC down at the Hart Building in Oklahoma City. John will be performing a solo set. Check out tickets right here at!

John will be returning to St. Louis for a unique and intimate house show for the Kelly House Concert Series on April 1st, which will sell out very quickly. Get your tickets ASAP! More information, tickets, and full schedule at: the Kelly House Concert website.

TEDx TCC is welcoming JCA to perform for their set of inspiring and engaging conversations about art, science, and the future. John has been a long time fan of both TED Talks and TEDx events throughout his years and is proud to say he will be a guest and performer on April 29th in downtown Tulsa. More news coming for this soon.

Finally, JCA will be touring all summer as a multi-instrumentalist in John Moreland's band in support of his new record "Big Bad Luv", out May 5th on 4AD Records. Check it out here at

Keep checking back. Stay kind and take care of each other.

-jca family

Jan 30, 2017

Upcoming tour accompanying John Moreland on guitar and keys!

Upcoming tour accompanying John Moreland on guitar and keys!

(photo by Brittany Phillips)

John Calvin Abney will be playing guitars and keyboards for John Moreland in months ahead, with select shows supporting Shovels and Rope:


2/9 Live Oak, Fort Worth, TX*
2/10 Common Ground, Waco, TX*
2/11 Main Street Crossing, Tomball, TX*
2/12 Sam's Burger Joint, San Antonio, TX*
2/17 Warehouse at Mt. Victor, Bowling Green, KY+
2/19 Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN+
2/21 Knight Theatre, Charlotte, NC+
2/23 The Ritz, Raleigh, NC+
2/24 Ram's Head Live, Baltimore, MD+
2/25 Mr. Smalls Theatre, Millvale, PA+
2/26 Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH+
2/28 Delmar Hall, St. Louis, MO+
3/1 Madison Theatre, Covington, KY+
3/3 Orange Peel, Asheville, NC+
3/4 Orange Peel, Asheville, NC+

(*headlining shows)
(+supporting Shovels and Rope)


Check back for updates, including new recordings, solo tours in March and May, along with a new slew of dates backing John Moreland.

keep the love alive,

-john and family

Dec 19, 2016

See you in 2017. Thanks for the love, the laughs, and the power to move forward.

See you in 2017. Thanks for the love, the laughs, and the power to move forward.

(photo by rambo photography)

There are no more shows on my books this year. Thank you to everyone who came out to one of the hundred-fifty-plus shows this year, spent their hard-earned cash on a record, shared my songs, felt something when they heard them, helped me when I was down, assisted me in spreading my words, and provided me shelter from the storm. "Far Cries and Close Calls" couldn't have happened without you, and I am happy that it means something to you. This rag-tag, rough-around-the-edges person hasn't forgotten a thing. Thanks for blessing my heart with the sound of music and warmth of your humanity in the coldest of days. A new record and an EP is coming, along with some other special news. Thanks for giving a damn, really. It's my true reward, and I mean it with every fiber of my heart, soul, and head. See you in 2017, my friends and compatriots fighting the same fight. We are all healing wounds, searching for a light, and aiming for something higher, whether we believe in ourselves or not. Find some strength in someone and some thing, and stay warm this winter, and when you come off of your mountain, show some patience and kindness if you can. thank you for you and everything that you are in this world.

love forever and always,

your friend,

john calvin abney

Nov 9, 2016

The Bluegrass Situation premieres "Way Out" music video, autumn tour continues, and everything will

The Bluegrass Situation premieres "Way Out" music video, autumn tour continues, and everything will

Hello, family and friends.

I am happy to announce that The Bluegrass Situation premiered the music video for "Way Out" today on their site, directed and edited by Sterlin Harjo. It was a work of love and contains footage from many tours across the USA with my dear friends.

 It is a dark day for our country, as the ill-mannered, foul-mouthed, and unprepared president-elect takes the polls. We cannot let the darkness smother our light. Hold on to the light and push it forth. Create, speak your voice, and stand for what is right. We're going to make it through.

Autumn tour will continue until the winter months and I hope that we can share a song, a meal, a drink, and a conversation before then. We will keep making, we will keep fighting, and we will sing our songs in celebration of life and in defense and recognition of safety and happiness for all.

The tour poster above was lovingly created by May Yang at Flash Flood Printing, with the sprites made by Hector Hoyo, and printed to a limited 35 copies, 6 color prints on 16x20 beautiful french paper and available at tour dates only. See you guys out there, soon, soon, soon.


john and family

Oct 28, 2016

The first leg of the fall tour 2016 and the arrival of Far Cries and Close Calls vinyl!

The first leg of the fall tour 2016 and the arrival of Far Cries and Close Calls vinyl!

Hello, everyone.

We hope the world and it's intricacies have been treating you well. John is gearing up to head out for a set of tour dates with his friend, M. Lockwood Porter, to select towns in the midwest US before his southwest and west coast sojourn. Here are a list of dates where John will be:

10/31 - The Shelter - Oxford, MS (w/ Holy Ghost Electric Show)
11/1 - 5spot - Nashville, TN
11/2 - Sugarland's Distillery - Gatlinburg, TN
11/3 - The Basement - Nashville, TN (w/  Joey Kneiser, Kent Eugene Goolsby)
11/4 - Stagger Inn - Edwardsville, IL (w/ Beth Bombara)
11/5 - Dead Wax Records - St. Louis, MO (w/ Beth Bombara)
11/6 - Uncommon Grounds - Chicago, IL
11/7 - Moeller Nights at The Village Theatre - Davenport, IA (with Vita and the Woolf)

(Update: aware that the poster says Evanston, IL on the 11/4 date erroneously, but we will definitely be in Edwardsville that night. Thank you for understanding.)

Also, great news! The vinyl of Far Cries and Close Calls will be arriving on Halloween! We will be sending out all of the pre-orders on November 1st and fulfilling your orders instantaneously. Thank you for your continued support and your willingness to inject love into the air amidst the strange, the dark, and the cold. More updates coming soon, more tour dates to come, and more words to sing.


j and family

Oct 4, 2016

Far Cries and Close Calls available for purchase, plus new press and upcoming Colorado run!

Far Cries and Close Calls is available for purchase at all your local Oklahoma record stores! Check out to order digital and physical CDs, plus the vinyl pre-order is still going. Grab your copy today!

Vesa at had splendid words concerning this collection of songs, saying:

 "a very impressive collection of songs and his best album so far... John has found his own voice...unique combination of folk, americana, rock’n’roll and indie pop. I hope this one will get the recognition it deserves. In my books, Far Cries and Close Calls is one of 2016’s finest."

A music video for the song "Way Out" is finished and will be released in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes and ears at full attention!

Before John heads out on his 30+ day tour across America in support of the album, he will be making a run to the mountains of Colorado for a select set of theatre and brewery dates:

10/6 - Ft. Collins, CO - Swing Station (w/Ben Ballinger)
10/7 - Dolores, CO - Dolores River Brewery
10/8 - Ridgway, CO - Sherbino Theatre (w/ Foxfeather)
10/9 - Divide, CO - Paradox Brewing Company


more news coming soon!

-john and family