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Solo Colorado Run, More Dates Accompanying John Moreland, and More News on the 7" Split Single

(photo by rambo)

Greetings, folks.

John Calvin Abney will be heading up to Colorado for a set of dates this September, including a show in Denver with the kind country singer Erika Ryann, who John co-wrote a song with in July across the plains and mountains. Check out the updates in the TOUR section above or by clicking here.

Continuing to support the inimitable John Moreland on guitar and piano, John Calvin will be accompanying Moreland on a set of dates supporting John Prine and Iron & Wine over the next two months. Go to John Moreland's tour section of his site to see if we are coming to your town at

Different Folk Records will be releasing a 7" single split of Tim Easton and John Calvin Abney in the new year, but this is all that will be said for now. Songs are recorded and being mastered as I type these words for you. As I always say and continue to echo, keep those ears to the ground and those eyes to the sky.

With a entire set of songs written, a new LP is on the horizon, too. More about this later.

With another beaming and weighty summer behind us, we charge into autumn with our hearts in our words and our voices in our throats. From the wild fires on the west coast, the hurricanes in the south, and hateful, inept leaders making moves like a child playing chess, there has been more dark than we can count. But, do not fear, we've got better days ahead, I know it. I hope it, and hope counts for more that we can possibly imagine these days. Go listen to some music, help a friend, love your fellow human, and be there for each other.

we love you.

john calvin abney and family.


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