• April 29
    Flight to Denver Palm Springs PSP
  • April 29
    Flight to Tulsa Denver DEN
  • April 29
    TEDx @ TCC Tulsa, OK
  • April 30
    Fassler Hall (w/ M. Lockwood Porter) Tulsa, OK
  • May 04
    The Deli Norman, OK
  • May 05
    Magnolia Motor Lounge Fort Worth, TX
  • May 06
    Blackheart (w/ Graham Brewer) Austin, TX
  • May 07
    Andy's (w/ Daniel Markham) Denton, TX
  • May 08
    Red Brick Bar (w/ Daniel Markham) Norman, OK
  • May 09
    Whitewater Tavern Little Rock, AR United States
  • May 10
    Downtown Tavern Jackson, TN
  • May 11
    Crying Wolf (w/ Daniel Markham) Nashville TN, United States
  • May 13
    JJ's (w/ Wax Fang and Daniel Markham) Chattanooga, TN
  • May 14
    116 E. Mobile (w/ Jay Burgess and Daniel Markham) Florence, AL
  • May 15
    Druid City Brewing Tuscaloosa, AL United States
  • May 16
    Thirsty Hippo Hattiesburg, MS
  • May 18
    Dyson House Listening Room Baton Rouge, LA
  • May 21
    Sunday Night Thing with Paul Benjamin at the Colony Tulsa, OK
  • May 26
    The Blue Door (piano for Andy Adams) Oklahoma City, OK United States
  • May 27
    Stay Gold (w/ Garner Sloan) Austin, TX
  • June 01
    Off Broadway (guitar for John Moreland) St. Louis, MO United States
  • June 07
    Bowery Ballroom (guitar for John Moreland) New York, NY
  • June 25
    Summer Breeze Festival Norman, OK
  • July 14
    Forecastle Festival (guitar for John Moreland) Louisville, KY United States

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