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Young Readers and I have finished our split at BRS studios in Norman! It is currently being mixed and soon, for digital release. Featuring two songs from both artists, it was an interesting project to find common ground in each other's music and methods behind tracking and writing. Stay tuned and keep on the look out online for the new tracks.

This coming weekend, we're playing a short run of shows! Check us out if we are around you:


Thursday, Jan. 31: The Deli, Norman, OK 7-9pm (featuring Camille Harp) Friday, Feb. 1: The Phoenix, Tulsa, OK 7-9pm (with Young Readers) Saturday, Feb. 2: Jo Mama's Pizza, Tulsa, OK 7-9pm (with Young Readers) Sunday, Feb.3: Bugsy's, Russellville, AR 10pm (opening for Adam Faucett)


We are currently planning an April tour for the release and will be heading through New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri!! Check back here for more details as shows are booked and paths are straightened.

On another note, I had the opportunity last summer to record piano and Moog on Samantha Crain's new record, "Kid Face", which is due for release February 15. She will be touring in support of the record, and I will be part of the band accompanying her for select dates in February. It turned out to be an amazing recording and I was ecstatic to hear the final mixes. You can see all of her tour dates at

until next time!

all of our love,

john and family

Hey family and folks,

The beginning of the year 2013 has been eventful, to say the very least.  Spending large amounts of time performing with others (including my close friends in Young Readers, along with Camille Harp, Samantha Crain, and a hip-hop project called Adverse Effects,) I've had my hands quite full. Just recently have I acquired the time to prep for a new solo endeavor. Thanks for your patience and your ears.

I will be performing at the Rodeo Opry in the OKC Stockyards January 27, this Saturday night, with some kind talented folk. Show begins at 7:30!

More news about the split EP, coming tour dates, etc. coming soon!



Get ready for a new year with a lot of shows, records, and events!

Thanks for all the support day after day, year after year.

-love, john

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