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When a song ends, the stories remain, and memory serves to hold tight the times we share.

(photo by Erin Margaret Rambo)

Hello, folks, and good afternoon from Central Standard Time Zone, Oklahoma, USA.

One of Oklahoma's finest publications in history, This Land Press, is launching a stunning quarterly magazaine in lieu of the newsprint edition. The wonderful people at TLP asked me to play songs at their launch party in Oklahoma City on Thursday, April 23 at Full Circle Books. Come celebrate from 7-9pm, I'll be singing at 7:30 after the editor has a Q&A.

Norman Music Festival is this weekend in Norman, Oklahoma, and I will be performing on the Depot Main Stage on Saturday, April 25, 3:30pm. Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires, Steve Pryor, Michael Hosty, and Paper Bird, amongst other bands will be performing on the same stage through out the day. Check out the festival websitefor additional information. I will be pulling the aces from my sleeves and committing some act of wild magic.

It is festival season indeed, and Oklahoma is hosting more than one in coming months. On May 1st, The Queen of the Prairie Festival is going to be taking place, and I will be accompanying Samantha Crain as a part of her band with a whole set of great musicians. Check it out and grab tickets before they sell out.

I will be making my way to Illinois and the upper midwest to perform with the folk songbird wordcrafter Heather Styka as a duo for a set of house shows, a live in-studio on WDCB, and a couple other performances. We will both be performing our own songs and some pieces we have worked on together. You can get more information on the showdate section of the site, or at Heather Styka's site.

Currently working on an east coast tour and will be posting updates on the endeavors ahead. Until then, everybody, take care and keep moving.

with everything,



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