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This coming weekend and the status of the new album, "Without Wax."

Greetings, everybody.

I am in the grueling process of living out of one's car during the summer, about to move into a new apartment. Internet must be siphoned from cafes and random wi-fi hotspots around town. Went to Cushing, OK last night and spent a good part of the PM/AM at the Tuesday Night Music Club with Parker Millsap and Michael Rose. Thanks again for having us out, it's a one of a kind joint you've got out there.

Here is an update for this weekend:

Thursday, 7-9pm at the Deli, happy hour show with our wonderful random guests.

Friday, 10-1am at the Blue Note in OKC with Aaron Newman and Dustin Prinz, here is a link to the Facebook event.

Saturday, 9pm, Othello's in Norman, outside.

Come catch us a time this weekend and we'll be happy to sit down and shoot the breeze for a spell.


Now, about this album that is supposed to be coming out pretty soon, I am going to make an online release in the next month. "Without Wax" is completely finished and the master is home in Oklahoma. On an unrelated note, I am going into Hook Echo studios with Chris Harris at the end of the month to start work on a few new tunes.

Lots of tasty news coming soon.

Until next time,



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