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The wind always blows the direction you're supposed to go.

(photograph by Erin Rambo) Hey folks, back in the saddle and taking a rest after the past few months of adventures. It's good to be back on the plains. My deepest gratitude to do musicians, new friends, venues, and cities that allowed me to be a part of their experience. April of the blog Common Folk Music and one of the forerunners of the Remembering Jason Molina project allowed me to write some words about JM and how his music affected my life and those of the people around me. I covered one of his earliest songs, "Soul".You can read and listen here. Check out April's blog regardless, she is an avid supporter of songwriters from all over the world. 

Folk Alliance International couldn't have gone better and the Oklahoma Room still remains one of the rowdiest rooms at the conference. Thank you to the Woody Guthrie Center, Brian Horton, Fowler Toyota, The G.L. Kaiser Foundation, and everyone who supported the Oklahoma folk singers who made their way into Kansas City to sing their songs and share their stories. I send my dearest thanks to Laib, Kelley, and everyone from the 5000 House Concert Series in Kansas City, MO for hosting such a wonderful night on the Sunday before FAI, and lastly, the incomparable Heather Styka for her songs, companionship, and kindness through the week.

While I was playing at Rozz-Tox in Rock Island, Illinois, I had the opportunity to record a Daytrotter session, which will be released in coming months. Stay tuned for some wild, new versions of songs off of Empty Candles and Better Luck.

The Norman Transcript posted a splendid review of "Better Luck!" You can read it here.

I am happy to announce that I was accepted as one of the musicians to perform at Momentum OKC Downtempo on Friday, March 6. Come see some of the best emerging visual artists from around the area and hear some songs. On Saturday, March 7th, I'll be singing at City Presbyterian for the Midtown Songwriter Showcase with two excellent songwriters, Tim Miser and Kierston White. I'll be going on a well-needed trip to Maine to be with a dear, lovely person and relax, write, and breathe in the north wind. Then, it's back to the highway. Big things coming, including a new project and subsequent tour. My heart abounds with gratitude and love. allons-y!



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