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The OKC Radio Opry, upcoming tour dates, and the release of....

Hello, hello, folks and family.

August has been quite an eventful month, but nothing compared to the next few quickly approaching! Just a couple weeks ago, I was invited to join the OKC Radio Opry down in the stockyards. Terry Scarberry and a team of high-grade musicians are part of the incredible house band and learned my tunes damn near instantly. After playing three songs, I performed with Chad Slagle and Doc Holiday to a full house, closing the night with "I'll Fly Away." The video should be available on Oct. 7, and should air on KSBI OK 52 the same day.

Jordan Herrera of Young Readers and I are heading out on the road with a talented group of guys including Kyle Reid most of the month of October. We will be posting tour dates shortly!!

For all the regular Deli folk, I will be doing a "pre-release-release" at the same time on October 4th, you will be able to acquire a copy of the new album there, also. Afterwards, we will be releasing the record at Kamps the same night with Desi & Cody and Young Readers!

The Mockingbird Media guys are almost done with the cuts from the 02 Sessions at Breathing Rhythm Studios! They will be posted as they are released.

Finally, this next month of September, we have a couple great shows coming up.

September 14-15, Illinois River Jam in Tahlequah, OK with Hayes Carll, Travis Linville, Jesse Aycock, Wink Burcham, Camille Harp, John Calvin, Parker Millsap, Paul Benjamin, and more!!!

September 24, The OPOLIS, Norman, OK with Red Wanting Blue

don't miss it! owwwww.


john calvin and family


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