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The first leg of the fall tour 2016 and the arrival of Far Cries and Close Calls vinyl!

Hello, everyone.

We hope the world and it's intricacies have been treating you well. John is gearing up to head out for a set of tour dates with his friend, M. Lockwood Porter, to select towns in the midwest US before his southwest and west coast sojourn. Here are a list of dates where John will be:

10/31 - The Shelter - Oxford, MS (w/ Holy Ghost Electric Show) 11/1 - 5spot - Nashville, TN 11/2 - Sugarland's Distillery - Gatlinburg, TN 11/3 - The Basement - Nashville, TN (w/  Joey Kneiser, Kent Eugene Goolsby) 11/4 - Stagger Inn - Edwardsville, IL (w/ Beth Bombara) 11/5 - Dead Wax Records - St. Louis, MO (w/ Beth Bombara) 11/6 - Uncommon Grounds - Chicago, IL 11/7 - Moeller Nights at The Village Theatre - Davenport, IA (with Vita and the Woolf) (Update: aware that the poster says Evanston, IL on the 11/4 date erroneously, but we will definitely be in Edwardsville that night. Thank you for understanding.)

Also, great news! The vinyl of Far Cries and Close Calls will be arriving on Halloween! We will be sending out all of the pre-orders on November 1st and fulfilling your orders instantaneously. Thank you for your continued support and your willingness to inject love into the air amidst the strange, the dark, and the cold. More updates coming soon, more tour dates to come, and more words to sing.


j and family


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