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Thank you for the grand experiences and graciousness of 2022

I was lucky enough to work the entire year of 2022, traveling nearly seventy thousand miles on ground, air, and sea, clutching my lucky totems and carrying my guitar on my back. Played 160 unique shows as a solo artist and backing my friends across North America, 40 states, Australia, and New Zealand while bringing the songs of my album Tourist to metropolises and the small towns between. The experience was priceless, the company I kept matchless, and the sights stunning as ever.

Some of the most meaningful shows I ever performed and witnessed lived within this year.

Reaching your terminal destination after such a long journey should provide you with more words than necessary to paint the places witnessed, speak of the souls crossed, and play back the performances completed, but I am near speechless. Grateful for every single person who made it possible along the way, from bands and venues to old friends and new pals. As I drink coffee in the changing winter winds, I’d like to say:

“Tourist” is in your hands now.

Thank you, I love you, and I can’t wait to see you again.

So many things to come in the new year.



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