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Performances galore, the Giving Tree Band, and the upcoming tour.

Salutations, folks.

Hope all has been well in your worlds and the worlds around you. I have been running around at 100 mph in order to get every thing done and ready and to raise the necessary resources to get on the road with a pressed album in tow. Thanks to all you guys and gals who have been making it out to the performances lately in wake of the blistering heat and sweltering drought Oklahoma has been going through. Summer Breeze was unreal and Camille and I had a blast and all the other shows in between have been a complete joy. Don't think we are stopping anytime soon, we've got a lifetime's worth of love and energy to give you before we're done. We are still stomping around Norman, OKC, and the surrounding areas quite often and with much force.

A few weeks ago, the band and I went into Breathing Rhythm to record two songs in a joint project between Steve Boaz, the head engineer, and Mockingbird Media to produce the o2 sessions, special arrangements of songs performed on sound and film. Here is a picture of us getting ready to give it hell, or something like that. We performed two songs from "Without Wax": "Parliaments and Coffee" and "Before I Depart." These are new fresh takes on the songs, even though the album isn't out yet, but we got antsy and did it anyway. C'est la vie.

The Giving Tree Band is a wonderful group of kind folks who inhabit the land between the city and the sticks, west of Chicago, IL. Performing with these guys in Norman and Stillwater was a gift; if they are in your area, go check them out. They produce a joyous sound, guaranteed, and they are damn near always on tour which is good for the rest of us!

The prince known as Jordan Herrera, aka Young Readers, has been assisting me in booking our southwest tour while pushing ahead on his own tour into the northeast. We will be touring most of October in support of the new album, "Without Wax," and will be heading through Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona to spread the news and the sounds.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked, here comes John Calvin and Young Readers, Fall Tour 2012.

Also, in other news, Camille Harp and I finished recording our split 7'' at Hook Echo Sound last week and it sounds BIG. Another little bit of light to look forward to.

all of my love,

john calvin and family.


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