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More news from the far-out, mile-off blue and black.

(photo by Chad Cochran) Greetings from the plains of Oklahoma once again,

The tour accompanying John Moreland went off without a hitch, the shows well attended, and the performances sharp and swift. Now back in Oklahoma, John Calvin is now getting his work and songs together to play a handful of regional shows before going back out with Moreland again. Spring is coming forth earlier than usual, and with it's return, brings a special set of one-off shows: March 26, JCA will be attending an evening of southern song and joy in Silverhill, AL, at the Frog Pond by Blue Moon Farms. Together with Lilly Hiatt, Grayson Capps, and Sugarcane Jane, the night will be nothing short of wonderful. More information and tickets at:

On March 28th, Downtown OKC, Territory magazine, Film Row, The Spy FM, and the folks at the KOSU studios will be holding the City Sessions OKC down at the Hart Building in Oklahoma City. John will be performing a solo set. Check out tickets right here at!

John will be returning to St. Louis for a unique and intimate house show for the Kelly House Concert Series on April 1st, which will sell out very quickly. Get your tickets ASAP! More information, tickets, and full schedule at: the Kelly House Concert website.

TEDx TCC is welcoming JCA to perform for their set of inspiring and engaging conversations about art, science, and the future. John has been a long time fan of both TED Talks and TEDx events throughout his years and is proud to say he will be a guest and performer on April 29th in downtown Tulsa. More news coming for this soon.

Finally, JCA will be touring all summer as a multi-instrumentalist in John Moreland's band in support of his new record "Big Bad Luv", out May 5th on 4AD Records. Check it out here at

Keep checking back. Stay kind and take care of each other.

-jca family


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