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"Empty Candles" EP digital release (in preparation for "Better Luck" LP due out January 25th)

Greetings and Happy Halloween, people of the digital world. John Calvin here.

I've been on and off the road with various acts getting ready to release "Better Luck", and since it has been pushed back to January to gather the necessary things for a good push, I've made an EP of songs I've penned over the course of the past 8 months in my home studio. Recorded and mixed on a 4-track tape machine and mixed down to digital, I hope you can enjoy these while awaiting the LP release.

Here is "Empty Candles".

This EP is a collection of songs written between the pre-production of "Better Luck" and the tours that took place in the spring and summer of 2014. The entire EP was recorded with two microphones and mixed on the machine itself in 10 days. Available on Bandcamp in big, bountiful .WAV files, all proceeds will go towards the funding of the next tour/release. All of this seems baffling sometimes.

"Better Luck" LP is due out January 25th and will fly in the new year of 2015. Thanks for all the support, patience, and love. Until we ride again,

john calvin abney and family.


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