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Bucket Full of Nails premiere, Tulsa Voice review, and the day of the release

Hello, everyone!

Today is release day worldwide, and we are proud that "Far Cries and Close Calls" is available everywhere on all digital platforms, Spotify, iTunes, etc. Listen loud and share it with a friend.

Go to to order the physical record and pre-order the vinyl now to receive one of the 100 limited edition denim blue vinyl (with full lyric insert and album art) available.

We are pleased to announce that Bucket Full of Nails has premiered the record, replete with a great review and streaming playlist with the entirety of the record, "Far Cries and Close Calls". Announcing that "Abney is growing into the poet we all need," check it out now in all of it's well-written form and listen to the song sequence right here.

Tulsa Voice covered the record this week, calling it "an unique work...equal parts dream pop and rock and roll, with layers of lo-fi atmospheric folk...with fanciful, poetic, folkloric writing."

More coming soon, but until then,

john and family.

(photo by Jeremy Charles)


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