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As winter disappears and the year rolls on. Sessions and shows abound.

Greetings, people of the world.

(photo by Erin Rambo)

John has been a speeding bullet since the release of Vice Versa Suite EP in December. After returning from Europe backing Samantha Crain, he has been diving head-first into writing sessions for the the full length record. He made his way to the western slope of Colorado and completed the arrangements and lyrics for what will be recorded in March. Engineer Jason Weinheimer and rhythm section Paddy Ryan and Aaron Boehler, along with long-time guitarist Kyle Reid, will be accompanying John Calvin in the spring-time at Fellowship Hall in Little Rock, AR.

In addition to his next full-length record, John will be assisting a good group of songwriters on assorted instruments in the studio, including John Moreland, Chris Porter, Kierston White, and M. Lockwood Porter in coming months. All the songwriters listed are stellar and produce beautiful work. Check them all out individually.

Congratulations to John Moreland, fresh back from touring with Jason Isbell in Europe, for securing a spot on the Stephen Colbert Late Show on February 1st. Everyone tune in at your favorite watering hole/dive.

One of Oklahoma's wonderful little secret of a venue, Frank and Lola's in Bartlesville, OK, will be ceasing live music at the end of the month of February. John and countless other acts, locally and nationally, have performed here for years and mourn the loss of such a great venue. Though, they will still be open for food and drink ( which they do very well, we might add), music will be no more. John has the opportunity of performing here one last time on February 13th, Saturday. Come sing some songs with him before the great change.

John will be attending Folk Alliance International for his 3rd consecutive year from February 17-21 in Kansas City, Missouri, supporting Vice Versa Suite EP and his upcoming soon-to-be-cut LP.

As always, keep in touch here and via social media to keep up with the shows and the ever-turning wheels. We send our best into the world.

-John and friends.


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