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Greetings, everybody.

I am in the grueling process of living out of one's car during the summer, about to move into a new apartment. Internet must be siphoned from cafes and random wi-fi hotspots around town. Went to Cushing, OK last night and spent a good part of the PM/AM at the Tuesday Night Music Club with Parker Millsap and Michael Rose. Thanks again for having us out, it's a one of a kind joint you've got out there.

Here is an update for this weekend:

Thursday, 7-9pm at the Deli, happy hour show with our wonderful random guests.

Friday, 10-1am at the Blue Note in OKC with Aaron Newman and Dustin Prinz, here is a link to the Facebook event.

Saturday, 9pm, Othello's in Norman, outside.

Come catch us a time this weekend and we'll be happy to sit down and shoot the breeze for a spell.


Now, about this album that is supposed to be coming out pretty soon, I am going to make an online release in the next month. "Without Wax" is completely finished and the master is home in Oklahoma. On an unrelated note, I am going into Hook Echo studios with Chris Harris at the end of the month to start work on a few new tunes.

Lots of tasty news coming soon.

Until next time,


Hey, folks.

It appears that I am the featured artist on the Oklahoma City Chevy Music Showcase this week! Here is a link where you can see the interview, a performance on one of my new songs, "What Do You Think," and even download a track from the new album! Even sweeter, apparently the interview was on before (or after) David Letterman on CBS last night! Let me know if you guys got to see it.

In separate news, I have taken over the Thursday night early shows at the Deli. Most Thursdays, I will be performing from 7-9pm and best of all, no cover AND random special guests every week. Follow me on Twitter/Facebook and keep updated on the showdates part of the website to check for new shows! The album is almost in production and will have the tracks up on the Bandcamp site in no time.

here is the link for the bandcamp:

and here is the interview from Chevy Music Showcase: Chevy Music Interview on YouTube

Until next time,

John Calvin

Hey, folks.

I have made it back to the plains of Oklahoma with Samantha (and most of the gang,) still shaking off I-40-induced-road-weariness. Staying afloat on concrete is more trouble than it is worth sometimes. Come listen to a couple stories this week at the Deli on Thursday. 7-9pm, no cover, no problems.


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