Here is a list of records that John Calvin Abney has been a part of.

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  • LP5 by John Moreland

    Synthesizer, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mellotron M400, Casio DG-1, Clavinet, Wurlitzer, Percussion

  • Safe Passage by John Calvin Abney

    production, vocals, writing, harmonica, guitars, piano, arrangement, vibraphone, synthesizer, drum machine, harmonies, pedal steel, percussion

  • A Small Death by Samantha Crain

    acoustic guitar, piano, keyboard

  • Coyote by John Calvin Abney

    writing, production, vocals, guitars, piano, organ, pedal steel, string arrangement, accordion, baritone, harmonica, vibraphone

  • Far Cries and Close Calls by John Calvin Abney

    Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Organ, Harmonica, Melodica, Pedal Steel Guitar, Bells, Twelve-String Guitar, Producer, Writer

  • Vice Versa Suite by John Calvin Abney

    Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Singer, Writer, Producer

  • Big Bad Luv by John Moreland

    acoustic piano, electric guitar, harmonica, wurlitzer

  • High On Tulsa Heat by John Moreland

    electric guitar, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, wurlitzer, piano, Casio, co-writing on song "High on Tulsa Heat", engineer.

  • Terlton

    Composed original score, guitar, synth, organ

  • Under Thorn, Branch, and Tree by Samantha Crain

    Wurlitzer, synthesizers, bells, vibraphone, percussion, piano

  • Kid Face by Samantha Crain

    Piano, synthesizers, organ, banjo

  • Don't Go Baby, It's Gonna Get Weird Without You

    Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Pedal Steel, Rhodes, Piano, Accordion, Pump Organ, Synthesizers, Percussion

  • Evergreen by Beth Bombara


  • Poolboy by Poolboy

    drums, vocals, writing, arrangement

  • Soda Kids EP by Poolboy

    Drums, arrangement, harmony vocals

  • Winter by The Angry Lisas

    electric guitar solo on "Ignite"

  • Lucky by Carter Sampson

    backing vocals, keyboards, organ, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonica, percussion

  • Migrator by Young Readers

    Wurlitzer, Rhodes, piano

  • Words We Mean by Annie Oakley

    piano, wurlitzer, glockenspiel, organ, synth

  • Wilderness by Carman AD

    Production, Acoustic Guitar, Organ, Pump Organ, Harmonica, Piano

  • Room at the Top by Blake Burgess

    pedal steel, acoustic guitar, harmonica

  • Yes, This Is Killing Us by Desi and Cody

    Wurlitzer and Hammond B3 organ

  • It's All Good by Levi Parham

    harmony vocals

  • How to Dream Again by M. Lockwood Porter

    electric guitars, acoustic guitar, lap steel, percussion, harmony vocals

  • We're Both Right Now by Stacey Winter

    electric guitars

  • Murder by Death/Samantha Crain Split 7'

    Guitar and piano for Samantha Crain cover track "Foxglove"

  • While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years of Bloodshot Records

    Piano on Samantha Crain cover track "Cold Forgiver"

  • Empty Candles by John Calvin Abney

    All Instruments, Writer, Producer, Engineer

  • Better Luck by John Calvin Abney

    vocals, acoustic guitars, harmonica, piano, pump organ, B3, harmonium, glockenspiel, Moog bass, electric guitars, synthesizers, percussion, writer, co-producer

  • Alright, Here We Go... by Kyle Reid and the Low-Swinging Chariots

    acoustic lead guitar