May 1, 2013

Norman Music Festival was a blast. Thanks to everyone who listened and played.

Now it's time for a little rest before shows pick up again. Might I suggest we all just turn in for the evening?

-love, john

Mar 6, 2013

Audio Page is now being redone! New tracks coming soon.

This is an important update. Audio section is being remodeled. Thank you for your patience.

-love, john

Feb 17, 2013

Highway-bound and on tour once again!

Hey folks,

This week I am going to be on tour with a handful of great musicians as a part of Samantha Crain's backing band for her new LP, "Kid Face." Tracveling through the Midwest this week, we will also be in Austin for SXSW, playing many dates down in Texas starting March 11. Keep updated by checking out her website at 

Furthermore, Young Readers and I will be heading back to Mississippi for another Gulf Coast tour in March, and a larger Southwest-Midwest tour in April. We will be keeping in touch over the next month in order to keep you wary of our stops and shows. Thanks for all the support all of the time!

Always a pleasure,


Jan 30, 2013

Split EP, "Dirty Silver" has been nearly completed and new tours on the horizon!

Young Readers and I have finished our split at BRS studios in Norman! It is currently being mixed and soon, for digital release. Featuring two songs from both artists, it was an interesting project to find common ground in each other's music and methods behind tracking and writing. Stay tuned and keep on the look out online for the new tracks.

This coming weekend, we're playing a short run of shows! Check us out if we are around you:


Thursday, Jan. 31: The Deli, Norman, OK 7-9pm (featuring Camille Harp)

Friday, Feb. 1: The Phoenix, Tulsa, OK 7-9pm (with Young Readers)

Saturday, Feb. 2: Jo Mama's Pizza, Tulsa, OK 7-9pm (with Young Readers)

Sunday, Feb.3: Bugsy's, Russellville, AR 10pm (opening for Adam Faucett)


We are currently planning an April tour for the release and will be heading through New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri!! Check back here for more details as shows are booked and paths are straightened.

On another note, I had the opportunity last summer to record piano and Moog on Samantha Crain's new record, "Kid Face", which is due for release February 15. She will be touring in support of the record, and I will be part of the band accompanying her for select dates in February. It turned out to be an amazing recording and I was ecstatic to hear the final mixes. You can see all of her tour dates at

until next time!

all of our love,

john and family

Jan 25, 2013

New record being written, many performances coming, plus John is back to the Opry!

Hey family and folks,

The beginning of the year 2013 has been eventful, to say the very least.  Spending large amounts of time performing with others (including my close friends in Young Readers, along with Camille Harp, Samantha Crain, and a hip-hop project called Adverse Effects,) I've had my hands quite full. Just recently have I acquired the time to prep for a new solo endeavor. Thanks for your patience and your ears.

I will be performing at the Rodeo Opry in the OKC Stockyards January 27, this Saturday night, with some kind talented folk. Show begins at 7:30!

More news about the split EP, coming tour dates, etc. coming soon!



Sep 22, 2012

TOUR DATES ANNOUNCED! Young Readers will be supporting!

Hello, all you fine folks out there in the world.

We are glad to be opening up for Red Wanting Blue on one of their album release dates in Norman, OK at the OPOLIS. This coming Monday, September 24th! Come check out John Calvin and Red Wanting Blue!

Tuesday, September 25th, John will be in studio at the SPY.FM/KOSU in Oklahoma City talking about his new album, Without Wax, and performing songs in-studio acoustic on the Oklahoma Rock Show! It will air later at the beginning of October. Keep your ears peeled.

October 7th, John Calvin will also be featured on the OKC Rodeo Opry, performing two songs from his new album and a John Prine song. It will air on KSBI OK channel 52. Keep your eyes peeled, too!

The album release is coming up and we couldn't be more excited to show you what we have been working on. Without Wax will be available on October 4th! Let us know if you want it in your local record shops, drop us a line! Finally, it will be on our BandCamp site for download the day before the release! Here are all of our tour dates coming up:

Thursday Oct 4th
OKC Kickoff and Album Release
w/Desi and Cody

Friday 5th
The Colony

Tuesday 9th
Amarillo, TX
The 806 Coffeehouse

Wednesday 10th
Madrid, NM
The Mine Shaft Tavern

Thursday 11th
Albuquerque, NM
Marble Brewery

Friday 12th
Flagstaff, AZ
Hops on Birch 

Saturday 13th
Tucson, AZ
4th Avenue

Sunday 14th
Las Cruces, NM
SB's Late-night Lunchbox

Monday 15th
El Paso, TX
Lowbrow Palace

Wednesday 17th
San Antonio, TX
Bone Shakers

Thursday 18th
Austin, TX
Head Hunters

Friday 19th
Fort Worth, TX
The Wild Rooster
w/ Jacob Furr

Saturday 20th(early show)
Grand Prairie, TX
Bill's Records

Saturday 20th
Denton, TX
J&J's Pizza


can't wait to see you all out there.


john and family.

Jul 20, 2012

Summer Breeze and Camille Harp, away from the overbearing heat of the day.

Howdy, folks.

This has been a long week of moving and shaking, performing and recording, running and crawling, and talking and yelling, but thank goodness, it has come to an end. 

The band and I just got done performing a live set in Breathing Rhythm Studios, thanks to the artful film work of the guys from Mockingbird Media and studio owner Steve Boaz. These performances included special arrangements of "Parliaments" and "Before I Depart," featuring Justin Bloss, Kyle Reid, and Giovanni Carnuccio. These will be available online as the album is being released and supported.

This Sunday, Camille Harp and I will be performing at Summer Breeze concert series in Lions Park, Norman, OK, at 7:30pm. This concert is doubling as Camille's album release for "Little Bit of Light," an album which has wonderful songs, great arrangement, and her ever-so-sweet trademark vocals. Check out the press we've gotten for this one: LOOK AT OKC Article on John Calvin and Camille Harp

Also, Norman Performing Arts Council had this to say:

"Camille Harp and John Calvin are already performing veterans and musically mature beyond their years....She can offer a rock and roll honky-tonk tune one moment and a heartfelt love song the next, all delivered in a gorgeous soulful voice...John Calvin's talent shines across a broad range of styles, from folk melodies with harmonica and acoustic guitar to rollicking country-rock guitar leads to jazz standards and the blues. Together, Harp and Calvin weave their distinctive voices and songwriting styles into a rich blend of sound and spirit that speaks to everyone. They are local favorites at The Deli, both separately and together, and they rocked the stage at this year’s Norman Music Festival. They captivate audiences with their energy, expressive lyrics, and eclectic musical style."

More and more news on the horizon. Getting ready to get the album pressed and planning a release tour with a new friend from Oklahoma City with a down-home sound and a lot to say.

Hear from you soon,

John Calvin

Jul 11, 2012

This coming weekend and the status of the new album, "Without Wax."

Greetings, everybody.

I am in the grueling process of living out of one's car during the summer, about to move into a new apartment. Internet must be siphoned from cafes and random wi-fi hotspots around town. Went to Cushing, OK last night and spent a good part of the PM/AM at the Tuesday Night Music Club with Parker Millsap and Michael Rose. Thanks again for having us out, it's a one of a kind joint you've got out there.

Here is an update for this weekend:

Thursday, 7-9pm at the Deli, happy hour show with our wonderful random guests.

Friday, 10-1am at the Blue Note in OKC with Aaron Newman and Dustin Prinz, here is a link to the Facebook event.

Saturday, 9pm, Othello's in Norman, outside.

Come catch us a time this weekend and we'll be happy to sit down and shoot the breeze for a spell.


Now, about this album that is supposed to be coming out pretty soon, I am going to make an online release in the next month. "Without Wax" is completely finished and the master is home in Oklahoma. On an unrelated note, I am going into Hook Echo studios with Chris Harris at the end of the month to start work on a few new tunes.

Lots of tasty news coming soon.

Until next time,


Jun 7, 2012

San Francisco and Tiny Telephones.

Hey, everyone.

I've finally decided to buy a domain name, create a website, and provide a semi-detailed, word-rambling blog section to let you know what I'm doing, where I am, and how I'm getting along. I will be posting new songs, videos, all of my shows, and what a kin member said to be "random frothings," in their own blog.

Of course, there are a few sections that are barren and without content. For this, I apologize, but be glad that I will be injecting all the necessary stuff there as time goes on.

Travis Linville, Trent Bell, and I recently finished a brand new set of tracks that I have tentatively dubbed "Without Wax," which will be posted over the next few weeks. Two of the brand new tracks, "Habits" and "Parliaments," are here on the website if you are interested enough to give them a listen.

As I write this, I am in Tiny Telephones studio in San Francisco with Samantha Crain, assisting her in the recording of her new LP with Kyle Reid, Brine Webb, and Anne Lillis. John Vanderslice and his assistant Jacob are doing wonders with the tape machines over here and Sam's new tracks are coming together swimmingly. When I return to Norman, Camille Harp and I will be playing plenty of shows and I will be cooking up a tour for the fall in some bubbling cauldron of hope and determination.

Keep coming back and stay updated on the shows and news!
Here's to seeing you all soon. Thanks for stopping by.