Aug 4, 2014

Afterhours Session video, "Sirens" from upcoming debut LP, "Better Luck"


John performed a song from his upcoming record "Better Luck" in Norman's Guestroom Records last winter with the guys from Afterhours Sessions, and here it is. Ben Handler captured a special acoustic performance of the new song, "Sirens". Go to this red link or straight to the video section above to give it a look and listen!

Go check out the bandcamp link on the right side of the page for more of John's previous music and check out what he has been up to by liking and connecting with him on social media.

thanks again for all you do to keep this train moving.

(john and family)

Nov 24, 2012

New Review of "Without Wax" and tons more of new stuff from John and friends!

Here is a review of the recent record, "Without Wax," by the folks at! Click the link above to check it out.

In the videos, we've added two new live videos of "Corinth" and "What Do You Think!"

Also, Good Egg Dining Group in OKC recently used John's song in their mini-documentary video for their website. You can check that out here! Good Egg Dining Group are responsible for establishment such as Tuckers, Cheevers, and Iron Star in the OKC metro.

Thanks, folks. Stay tuned, stay warm, and keep your head straight (when you need to.)

-john and family.

Jun 29, 2012

Chevy Music Showcase Feature, June 29

Hey, folks.

It appears that I am the featured artist on the Oklahoma City Chevy Music Showcase this week! Here is a link where you can see the interview, a performance on one of my new songs, "What Do You Think," and even download a track from the new album! Even sweeter, apparently the interview was on before (or after) David Letterman on CBS last night! Let me know if you guys got to see it.

In separate news, I have taken over the Thursday night early shows at the Deli. Most Thursdays, I will be performing from 7-9pm and best of all, no cover AND random special guests every week. Follow me on Twitter/Facebook and keep updated on the showdates part of the website to check for new shows! The album is almost in production and will have the tracks up on the Bandcamp site in no time.

here is the link for the bandcamp:

and here is the interview from Chevy Music Showcase: Chevy Music Interview on YouTube

Until next time,

John Calvin