Apr 27, 2016

May Tour with Shonna Tucker and Porter

May Tour with Shonna Tucker and Porter

(poster by Kalyn Fay Barnoski)

Excited to announce another upcoming tour with Shonna Tucker (Eye Candy, Pegi Young, Drive-By Truckers) and Porter into the midwest and southern United States. If we're coming through your town, drop us a line and check it out:


5/15 Oklahoma City, OK :: The Blue Door *
5/18 St. Louis, MO :: House Show *
5/19 Nashville, TN :: 5 Spot
5/20 :: Muscle Shoals, AL :: 116 E. Mobile +
5/21 :: Knoxville, AL :: Dirty South House Concert Series
5/22 :: Birmingham, AL :: Moonlight on the Mountain
5/24 :: Atlanta, GA :: Smith's Olde Bar
5/25 :: Montgomery, AL :: The Sanctuary
5/26 :: Mobile, AL :: Callaghan's
5/27 :: Baton Rouge, LA :: Dyson House

(*w/out Shonna Tucker)
(+w/out John Calvin Abney)


I will not be able to make the Muscle Shoals, AL performance on May 20, because I have the opportunity to perform at Cain's Ballroom with an all-star band (including Pete Thomas, Danny Faragher, Fats Kaplin, Jimmy Karstein amongst others) and a group of excellent songwriters, singers, and musicians that include John Fullbright, John Moreland, Hanson, Elizabeth Cook, and many other folks of reputable talent.

I will be continuing the tour on the next night in Knoxville, TN. Here is the official poster for the Steve Ripley curated "On A Night Like This": Celebration of All Things Bob Dylan.

As the full length record is being mastered, a slew of other projects and tours are in the works, including another EP to be released this summer, and much studio session work. More updates to follow.


jca and family

Mar 12, 2016

Recording, SXSW, and East Coast Tour with Daniel Markham

Recording, SXSW, and East Coast Tour with Daniel Markham

Hello, folks! More good news heading in your general direction.

This next week of March, I will be at Fellowship Hall in Little Rock, Arkansas recording my new full length record with the help of some close friends, Tulsa Sound hotshots, and the talented Megan Palmer (who has a great record herself that you should check out!) These songs are definitely the most mature and thought-out pieces I've ever composed and I am excited to share them with you, lyircally and musically.

Cosmic happenings in the pipeline this last week have led me to my first official SXSW showcase in Austin, TX on March 19 at St. David's Bethel Chapel at 11pm, alongside other killer Okie acts performing in one of the most spacious and resonant venues in the entire festival. Check it out!

Daniel Markham and I are going on an East Coast tour to sing songs from both our new records coming out this summer. Come catch us aorund your hometown or the places that you hold close.

3/26 - Norman, OK - The Deli
3/27 - Springfield, MO - Lindberg's
3/28 - St. Louis, MO - Dead Wax Records (w/ Beth Bombara)
3/30 - Jackson, TN - Downtown Tavern
3/31 - Gatlinburg, TN - Sugarlands Distillery
4/1 - Richmond, VA - House Show
4/2 - Baltimore, MD - Club 608
4/3 - York, PA - Sign of the Wagon
4/4 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Hall
4/5 - Brooklyn, NY - Silent Barn
4/6 - Charlottesville, VA - The Garage
4/7 - Charlotte, NC - Evening Muse
4/9 - Athens, GA - Flicker Bar
4/10 - Anniston, AL - Caldwell Tavern
4/11 - Montgomery, AL - The Sanctuary
4/12 - Tuscaloosa, AL - Druid City Brewery
4/14 - Little Rock, AR - Whitewater Tavern
4/15 - Tulsa, OK - Mercury Lounge
4/16 - Tulsa, OK - Opolis

More tours to be announced soon and some sideman work for some folks that I am ecstatic about. If you would like to listen/purchase any of the music I've recorded up this point for digital downloads, check out johncalvinabney.bandcamp.com, but if you would like hard copies, email us and we will gladly fill your order. Thanks a million. Until the next time we cross paths.

John Calvin Abney and family

Jan 28, 2016

As winter disappears and the year rolls on. Sessions and shows abound.

As winter disappears and the year rolls on. Sessions and shows abound.

Greetings, people of the world.

(photo by Erin Rambo)

John has been a speeding bullet since the release of Vice Versa Suite EP in December. After returning from Europe backing Samantha Crain, he has been diving head-first into writing sessions for the the full length record. He made his way to the western slope of Colorado and completed the arrangements and lyrics for what will be recorded in March. Engineer Jason Weinheimer and rhythm section Paddy Ryan and Aaron Boehler, along with long-time guitarist Kyle Reid, will be accompanying John Calvin in the spring-time at Fellowship Hall in Little Rock, AR.

In addition to his next full-length record, John will be assisting a good group of songwriters on assorted instruments in the studio, including John Moreland, Chris Porter, Kierston White, and M. Lockwood Porter in coming months. All the songwriters listed are stellar and produce beautiful work. Check them all out individually.

Congratulations to John Moreland, fresh back from touring with Jason Isbell in Europe, for securing a spot on the Stephen Colbert Late Show on February 1st. Everyone tune in at your favorite watering hole/dive.

One of Oklahoma's wonderful little secret of a venue, Frank and Lola's in Bartlesville, OK, will be ceasing live music at the end of the month of February. John and countless other acts, locally and nationally, have performed here for years and mourn the loss of such a great venue. Though, they will still be open for food and drink ( which they do very well, we might add), music will be no more. John has the opportunity of performing here one last time on February 13th, Saturday. Come sing some songs with him before the great change.

John will be attending Folk Alliance International for his 3rd consecutive year from February 17-21 in Kansas City, Missouri, supporting Vice Versa Suite EP and his upcoming soon-to-be-cut LP.

As always, keep in touch here and via social media to keep up with the shows and the ever-turning wheels. We send our best into the world.

-John and friends.

Dec 5, 2015

Vice Versa Suite" EP available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, etc!

Vice Versa Suite" EP available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, etc!

Happy Saturday, everyone.

Vice Versa Suite is available now online via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc. and through a short run of limited edition cassette tapes via Tape Gun Records in Norman, OK.

All proceeds from this EP sale will be going towards the production of my next full-length record, which is being recorded in the new year with a slew of excellent musicians and hard-working folks. 

stay tuned for more news concerning music and tour.

thank you dearly for listening.

listen to the new EP in it's entirety here:

Nov 12, 2015

"Daisy and Clover", from the upcoming EP, "Vice Versa Suite", due out December 5th

"Daisy and Clover", from the upcoming EP, "Vice Versa Suite", due out December 5th

Good evening from Gent, Belgium, ladies and gentleman of the world.

Here is a new track from the upcoming EP, "Vice Versa Suite".


On December 5th, the album will be released digitally with a small run of tape cassettes made possible by Tape Gun Records.

all tracks will be available for download on release date. thank you for listening.

-love, john

Oct 22, 2015

John Calvin Abney's Daytrotter session is featured today!

John Calvin Abney's Daytrotter session is featured today!

Thanks to Sean and Mike at Daytrotter for making John's last session featured on the front page. He had the grand opportunity to record unreleased songs at the old studio before the operations moved to their new compound. Jams at www.daytrotter.com. 

(Painting by Johnnie Cluney)

Come listen to these acoustic versions of songs that will be tracked for the next full-length record.

Sep 14, 2015



Hello, friends and internet surfers.

I have a ton of news to share with you concerning shows. Americana singer-songwriter Levi Parham and I are going on a tour through the south, southeast, and midwest US in the approaching weeks. Tell your friends and family, we are coming to town:

Sept. 17 - Norman, OK - Scratch
Sept. 18/19 - Tahlequah, OK - Illinois River Jam
Sept. 22 - Wichita, KS - Kirby's Beer Store
Sept. 23 - Kansas City, MO - Riot Room (with Victor and Penny, Nicholas St. James)
Sept. 24 - St. Joseph, MO - Magoon's
Sept. 25 - Columbia, MO - The Bridge
Sept. 26 - Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews
Sept. 27 - Chicago, IL - Goorin Bros Hat Shop (early show) 
Sept. 27 - Chicago, IL - Uncommon Ground
Sept. 28 - Rock Island, IL - Daytrotter Presents Moeller Mondays @ Rozz Tox
Sept. 29 - St. Louis, MO - Foam
Sept. 30 - Nashville, TN - The 5Spot (with Aaron Lee Tasjan, Nellie Clay)
Oct. 1 - Nashville, TN - The 5Spot (Campfire Propaganda)
Oct. 2 - Nashville, TN - House Show (with Nellie Clay)
Oct. 3 - Knoxville, TN - KDVX Blue Plate Special (early show)
Oct. 3 - Knoxville, TN - House Show
Oct. 4 - Nashville, TN - TBA
Oct. 5 - Florence, AL - Swamp Bar
Oct. 7 - Tupelo, MS - Blue Canoe
Oct. 8 - Mobile, AL - Callaghan's
Oct. 9 - Lake Charles, LA - House Show
Oct. 10 - Austin, TX - 2211 Bar
Oct. 11 - Oklahoma City, OK - The Blue Door


On my last tour, I had the opportunity to work with Jacob Winik again in Tiny Telephone studio B for a single night. In that night, I recorded a suite of songs and melodies named Vice Versa Suite. The short album, which will be released on December 1st on CD/Digital, will be released in Tulsa, OK and Norman, OK that same weekend. Keep your eyes to the sky for these all acoustic songs.


I will be accompanying Samantha Crain on guitar for her upcoming fall European tour. Check out full details and get tickets at www.samanthacrain.com:

11/8 Dublin, DUB Workman's Club
11/10 London, LND The Forge
11/13 The Hague, ZH Crossing Border Festival
11/15 Copenhagen, No State Huset
11/16 Berlin, Ber Berghain Panoramabar
11/17 Antwerp, No State Autumn Falls @Trix
11/18 Paris, IDF Espace B
11/19 Koln, NRW King Georg Klubbar
11/20 Schnorndorf, B-W Club Manufaktur
11/21 Zurich, ZH El Lokal
11/22 Munich, Bay Hauskonzerte


Before I go, I would like to announce that I will be entering the studio on December 6th to begin recording my next full-length record at Breathing Rhythm Studios here in Oklahoma. More news coming soon. All my love,

John Calvin Abney ~ ~ ~

Aug 2, 2015

John Calvin Abney and M. Lockwood Porter coming back to the Southwest US!

John Calvin Abney and M. Lockwood Porter coming back to the Southwest US!

Hello, dear friends and people of the Earth.

More summer tour dates announced for August with the good M. Lockwood Porter and a fall tour planned ahead for September and October. Come see us in or around your town. 

Before tour starts, I will be accompanying the hard-working tunesmith Jeremey Quentin of Small Houses in Tiger, GA, recording his new full-length record with a group of good folks and musicians.

Finally, I am pleased to say that studio time has been booked out in November to record my next full-length record. After months of touring, I am ready to put down the songs and stories I've gathered. More info soon.



Jun 30, 2015

a moment of thought before these July summer updates.

a moment of thought before these July summer updates.

(photo by Shannon Helton)

Greetings, my friends and foes. The midwest tour with Porter was a resounding success and the shows all went off without a hitch. Thanks to everyone in every single town we performed in for all of your love and support. By stitching together these stories we spun, we'll have words to share for years to come.


Alas, on this tour, a devastating event occured at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, when a deranged and hateful young man opened fire on a group of innocent church patrons and staff. Without a shadow of a doubt, this crime was fueled by the terminal, generational disease of racism. The ancient, outdated flag of the failed Confederacy still flies in South Carolina amongst other places. This flag stood beside slavery less than a century and a half ago. I see musicians, artists, athletes, and even politicians who mourn the folks lost in SC that day are also aware of the sick symbolism the flag holds. For those who still fly that flag, take it down for the sake of humanity, for the sake of love, and for the sake of those who were lost on the holy grounds of the Emanuel AME church.


Hold onto your hats and swimsuits, Poolboy is getting back together for a few shows this summer! Come see Poolboy at Norman's one and only Guestroom Records on Friday, July 10, at 7pm. We will be performing alongside fellow garage-rockers The Pizza Thieves.

I am honored to say I'll be performing at Woody Guthrie Folk Festival this year. Each year, the festival is held in Woody's hometown, Okemah, amongst the July heat, the love of folk music, and the historic Dust Bowl lore the city holds. I will be at the Brick Street Tavern, on Saturday, July 11, spinning my own songs and surely some traditionals.


In December of last year, I assissted Samantha Crain in making her new record "Under Branch, Thorn, and Tree" at Tiny Telephones in San Francisco, CA. We worked with excellent folks, including mastermind tape king John Vanderslice and modular orchestra extraordinaires Magik*Magik Orchestra. The record is being released on two dates before Samantha's release tour. Come check out these beautifully written songs at:

July 16 at The OPOLIS, Norman, OK (w/ Tallows)
July 17 at Woody Guthrie Center, Tulsa, OK (w/ Desi and Cody)


I will be going on two tours in coming months, one with my dear friend M. Lockwood Porter and the other tour with my charming brother Levi Parham. Will definitely keep you updated here. Take care and be kind.


john calvin abney

May 27, 2015

June Tour Dates with Porter.

June Tour Dates with Porter.

Hey, folks of the midwest and almost-northeast US.

Chris Porter, alt-country singer from Austin, TX, released a killer record called "This Red Mountain" (produced by Centro-Matic's Will Johnson) this spring. In support of both his record and mine, we have plotted a duo tour across some states in order to raise hell, sing songs, and learn some new stories.


6/17/15 : Austin, TX : Strange Brew

6/18/15 : Ft. Worth, TX : Fred's Texas Cafe w/ Daniel Markham

6/19/15 : St. Louis, MO : Off Broadway w/ John Moreland (Tickets)

6/20/15 : Louisville, KY : Shaker Village House Concert

6/21/15 : TBA

6/22/15 : Columbus, OH : Tree Bar

6/23/15 : New York, NY : Rockwood Music Hall (Tickets)

6/24/15 : Baltimore, MD : Club 603 House Concert w/ Caleb Caudle (Tickets)

6/25/15 : Knoxville, TN : Center For Creative Minds

6/26/15 : Nashville, TN : BB King's Blues Club w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan

6/27/15 : Tupelo, MS : Blue Canoe

6/28/15 : OKC, OK : Blue Door (Tickets)

6/30/15 Austin, Texas : The FINAL Last Tuesday Warehouse series w/ Ben Ballinger

(poster by Shannon "Pax" Helton)

More shows coming soon.

-cheers, john